Frequently Asked Questions
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Q : Does the vibration continue to work all the time?

A : Vibration is created by motion of foot only and it lasts for about 3~4 seconds. Vibrations come up even in minute movements. That generate to magnetic resonance by unconscious action. However, the vibration that a person feels can be felt by the vibration caused by the contact of the foot and the ground. By jogging or walking, you can stimulate your feet with constant vibration.

Q : How does vibration create without electricity?

A : It is patent technology with permanent use, non-powered environmentally friendly device that operates by the vertical arrangement of several magnets.

Q : I can’t feel the stimulation in my feet.

A : If you can’t feel the vibration when worn and walk on the foot, this is because the foot circulation is not good and the sense of foot is very weak. Once you have worn it, feel your feet stomp or down the stairs first. If you continue to wear it, your blood circulation will improve as much as you feel even when you walk.

Q : This inserts are uncomfortable to me.

A : It’s a normal step to correct your feet, so it can be inconvenient for a few days. But it is important you break into your orthotics gradually. So you must allow a period for improving the health of your feet. Please refer to our 4 weeks program. As you gradually get used to it, your feet will be better. Please keep in mind that the comfort products don’t help to change your foot.